Trying to Get My Fix…

Now that hockey season is over I find myself going through the with drawl symptoms. I mean sure there’s the playoff for other teams but they’re not my team! So I’ve been going through all the cute little videos on the website and if I watch the capitals being interviewed by Cabbie one more time I think my computer will implode on its self. However when I finally got around to mending my broken heart enough to watch break up day videos a little something Jose (Our dear playoff back up goalie) said that caught my fun lovin’ ear but, first I did watch the said clip several times because I was determined that I must of heard him wrong but here it is for all the world to hear:

When asked about the Varly (Simeon Varlamov) situation he gave fluffly bunny answers until:

“I still see myself as the number one goalie in this LEAGUE….”

Listen for yourself at the 28 second mark.

I would like to give Jose the benefit of the doubt. We came to a truce after his trying in game seven even though he could of been a jerk and sat back on his heels so maybe it was a slip up but well…  it doesn’t surprise me at all if he really does see himself as the number one goalie in the league.

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