There is No Winning…

Getting ready to watch the Pens v.s. Canes game tonight and I have no idea why. I mean I don’t like either team. I can’t root for one or the other just ‘cuz (Like the Blackhawk/Redwings game). Both are rivals of the Caps and I dislike several of the players on both but then again I adore Geni (I wish so much you weren’t on the Pens) and Cam Ward both. So there’s no winning its like a game of Satan vs Lucifer an evils gonna win either way. So I’ll root for Geni and Ward (Even though that’s illogical)

So here my wishlist for the hockey gods today:

  • Let Geni have a goal (or does something) that lets him outshine his teammates and finally gets Geni the attention I so like to give you.
  • Let Cam Ward have a good game and stop a brilliant goal from anyone but Geni.
  • I hope a certain somebody (his name rhymes with mosby) does something extremely embarrassing and I can laugh myself all the way though working this weekend.

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