That Sucked

When I sat down this evening unsuspecting, innocent, doe-eyed in my living room Chinese takeout boxes in my lap ready for a romping evening of hockey fun I did  not expect to get slapped across the face by those damn pens again. I sat there watching and after the fifth pens goal I had some very bad flash backs. Thank you Canes. So I’ll sit here my Cap’s wounds festering bitterly. I was being neutral due to my dislike of both teams but that’s done now. The canes must must must come back. I’m rooting for you baby. I’m sending you those ‘hang in there’ kitten poster vibes.

Malkin, dear, were done for now even if you have a thing for wearing short shorts.

Crosby? We still don’t get along.

Staal brother on the pens (I can not not not remember whose who no matter how much I try) we could have had a beautiful friendship, I might of bothered learning you first name, I might of stopped making fun of your weird chin/jaw structure… now? No way.

That’s it people I think I hate the Pens more then the Flyers (and I was bitter about that a long time)

Much love- meghan


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