Tonight’s Hurricanes vs Penguins game brought back some very bad memories…

As much as I hate to admit it, I’m pretty sure  the Penguins will dominate this series. Unless Eric Staal comes back from the magical land that Mike Green and Geni Malkin (during series 1) had disappeared off to. Of course, the rest of the Canes are perfectly able, but c’mon… where have they been? 6-2? I mean, I know I’m one to talk, being a Caps fan and all, but believe me, I was pissed off then, too. Even more, probably. But… UGH!

Anyway, this isn’t a time to muck about, Canes. You’re playing friggin’ Pittsburgh. Buck up and win for once!

If the Pens do move on, I hope they get CRUSHED  XD. If it was by Detroit again, I’d be giddy. If it was by Chicago, I’d be thrilled, but mostly becasue I love those boys (though not as much as my Caps).

Hm. Tonight was disappointing.

– Anna


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