Knock It Off

Stop. I mean it! Stop it Blackhawks trying to make me love you and all. You can’t make me! I love the Caps. Do you hear me? So stop charming with your good players. Stop sending Sharpster out to do epic things that make me like him more and more every time I see your games. Don’t put  up funny and cute videos of your players on road trips in which they are shirtless half the time. ( You just stop. Your making me feel guilty. I keep racing over to watch the segway videos ( every time I watch one of yours.

So Blackhawks you can just knock it off. I can’t have second favorite teams. I said I’d never do that again after the Great Blue Jackets debacle of 2001, ’02, ’03, ’04, and ’05.  I can’t keep being strung along. And anyways my taste in hockey teams is starting to reflect badly on my taste in men and I do not want to end up an old cat lady.

So the first step to solving a problem is admitting it so here it goes; the ‘Hawks want me to have a crush on them and I just might have one. I mean sure theres so many reasons I should like the ‘Hawks. I mean I lived in Wisconsin just over the border for a few years and I used to go down to Chicago all the time. I really really like a lot of guys on the team. I kind of think of them as the capitals of the Western Conference.  WAIT! WAIT! Don’t let me do that! Bad Meghan! Bad Meghan!  

So I’ll just go and try to not like the ‘Hawks. I’m just fragile right now with that whole flaming mess of hulking metal the Capitals went down in called Game 7 being so fresh its still smoldering in a field called my broken dreams.


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