Why, Hawks&Canes, Why?!

Dear Blackhawks and Hurricanes,

Stop reminding me of the Caps’ epic failure in game seven of series two! I don’t like watching a 6-2 (or 6-1 in case of last night’s Hawks game) loss over and over again, because it brings back PAINFUL memories. Very painful. I’ve finally gotten over the end of the Caps’ season, only to be reminded again and again of how poorly they playered.

– Anna

POSTSCRIPT: stop it!

Anyway, last night’s game was tragic, especially since the Hawks have become by Western Conference Caps. I’m hoping they pull through in Game 5, but I not expecting much. Let’s face it, the finals are going to be Detroit vs Pittsburgh like last year. We can only hope Detriot CRUSHES Pittsburgh, taking Crosballs with them. I would enjoy seeing him suffer another defeat, though I will feel bad for poor Malkin.

Now, I must patiently wait for tomorrow’s game. Stupid Memorial Day.

– Anna


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