I’m Better Now … Sort of

So I got out the good old paper bag and calmed myself down and I want to list all the reasons why Feds should not be a money grubber (even though I get it) and stay here:

  1. I think that his experience is vital on such a young team
  2. I think that the young Russians on the team losing both of their mentors would end with them self imploding and Semin who we’ve encourage so much to get him out of his shell will just completely regress and revert not to even Russian but to whimpering sounds as his only form of communication.
  3. I easily fear/imagine the Caps completely self imploding this summer with trades and signings as I think Feds & Kozzo leaving would just start a domino effect of doom.
  4. Notice how I mention self imploding  a lot ?
  5. GMGM what have you been thinking lately? What  happened? You were doing so well than the Jose trade came and your talent for picking good players and keeping them all went to hell.
  6. So in conclusion this is all somehow Jose’s fault.

So its not a done deal yet but it looks like it might stick so all I ask  of  the Caps this summer is to not completely destroy themselves. And whose this new kid? The mystery man from Wisconsin? He sounds promising and he’s a center which if I recall is what Kozlovs and Feds position are …

P.S. Canes could you please pull your heads out of your butts and win tonight? It would be much obliged when my world is falling to ruins.

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