Sharp as Tacks…

Well after an eventful day or two I thought I’d turn my attention to the Blackhawks/Redwings games seeing as the Pens won last night (and not to my surprise after the first period) I’m rooting for the ‘Hawks as I mentioned before. Now last game Huet was off and it all went down hill from there. Where was the offense? The fore-check?

So not to sound like those ohhhhhh so witty keys to the game they show but the offense needs to sharpen themselves up as in Toews,Kane, and Sharp need to generate. The defense was scrambling but that was hardly their fault. And, most of all they need to keep their cool. Freaking out and taking penalties and just trying to cause trouble does not a winning team make.

So heres hoping Khabby will be alright for the game but there’s no word yet.  And, I got to say I don’t remember much of the end of the game cause my mind sort of wandered off into la-la stare at the TV screen land but if its as bad as I recall here’s to a stronger third period.


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