Are You Ready? posted the schedule for finals today and they start the 30th (this saturday). I’m not sure how I feel about this game. I guess I’m rooting for the Redwings cause I dislike the Pens though I have forgiven Malkin for crushing poor Cam and Erics (thats right Pen’s Staal I know his name!) hearts. Well I have plenty of time in between then to take a break from hockey I guess if thats a good thing. One thing that makes me sad is this means hockey season is over for everyone now.

Though that does mean my evenings will be much less tense and cardiac arrest like and I’ll be sleeping a lot more since I have no reason to stay up to watch anything seeing as due to what I see as very poor scheduling the TV seasons and hockey season run at the same time so when they both end I’m scrambling to catch up on my House that I missed before next season starts.

On a happy note the Hershey Bears are in for the Calder cup and I’m hoping they’ll make me proud.


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