I’m Sorry…

I’m sorry that I just can’t get excited for these finals. I try but I’m tired, I’m cranky, and I just miss my Caps. I watched sort of… I laughed when Fluery’s butt scored a goal for Detroit… again. I let out a shout when Crosby had the guts to hit a Redwing with his stick in the hand shake line then run away. I cheered that the Wings won. But, well I spent more time watching Dirty Harry than the game. And, frankly if your asking me to choose between a first game of a finals with two teams neither of which I like and a movie I do well I’ll be flipping back and forth.

And, something else that I’m not crazy about the constant comparing of Geni to Crosby. KNOCK IT OFF! They are two different people. At least my poor emo kid (Semie) isn’t always being compared to Ovie… he just gets ignored. But come on can we stop this? I swear Malkins probably sitting there going “Marcia, Marcia, Marcia!”

And I think I’m over the ‘Hawks. No more crushes on other teams for me. I’ve learned.

I’ll try to get pumped for the game tomorrow but I have a feeling I’ll be sitting there trying to rate my favorite Caps players instead of paying attention. (It’s soooo hard!)


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