And It Begins…

First off, I apologize for dropping off the face of the earth. Why do teacher’s insist on piling up work mere weeks before the end of the year? Six projects in one week?!

Anyway, I’m watching Game 1 right now, and I couldn’t be more pleased, given the situation at least. I mean, I wish I was watching the Caps play, but I’ll settle for the Pens getting their asses kicked. Stupid Crosballs, trying to be all tough and stuff. He’s not. Everyone knows it. So just stop. You and your big butt are only looking more ridiculous. And I wish Game 1 would be a sign for how the rest of the series will go, but I know the Pens are too good of a team to get crushed TOO badly. So get back to me after Game 3.

If things go how I WANT them to; the Pens are gonna get CRUSHED by the Wings, again, and Crosballs will cry, again. That would be satisfying. But I know, the Pens are not the same team they were last year. But we can only hope they will get DOMINATED again.

Plus, I don’t want to deal with the Pittsburgh-loving best friend. She likes to gloat. And I like to smack her. So for her sake, she better hope the Penguins lose.


– Anna


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