Let Me Babble…

I’m just going to bullet point these because if I get going I won’t be able to stop talking.

  • AH! Alex Ovechkin and several not so exciting for me hockey players will be in a poker tournament with some professionals and others guys when they’re in Vegas. It’ll be on for FOUR hours (I can’t handle that much poker if I’m not playing it. I dominate by the way) on ESPN2 WTF? ESPN? Not Versus? What is this crap?
  • Pens won last night. I don’t care if they did or not but everyones like yeah and then say something about Crosby… HELLO! He hasn’t SCORED! Christ sake…
  • Speaking of Crosberry where are you? No doubt your one of the best hockey players in the league but hello?  Playoff Vacation Land! Located a convenient three miles off the coast of YouSuckistan. Visit us and ignore the pleas of your teammates and fans while relaxing next to the pool or playing ping pong with your fellow chokers…
  • Yahoo! Why does your NHL sports page choose really really bad and/or old and/or extremely unattractive photos of the Russian hockey players? I’ve noticed that lately.
  • The Semin’s helmet equals him much more attractive then with out thing was confirmed by not just Anna or I but another person. Three out of Three girls agree: Keep your helmet on my little emo kid.
  • Speaking of helmets Geni why do you always look super zoned out with yours on? Its not attractive. P.S. Your adorable with your poor English and the trying to make funny: http://www.nhl.tv/team/console.jsp?catid=23&id=43147
  • 1-1 Bears v. Mooses. The series is heading back to Hershey though.
  • What’s up with Feds? Whats happening with that whole situation?
  • Darren Helm = the only reason I’m rooting for the Red wings besides that whole hatred of the pens thing.
  • I have offically watched the cabbie video too many times because I was sitting there and I thought Komyedashal (This is phoenetic I can’t spell swedish words) instead of the english word I was looking for.

Busy day huh?

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