Something to Kill Time: The Don’t Touch Sid Game!

I wish I had seen this earlier when I was bored in class.  While I’m not into the whining thing I still think it’s funny. Though heads up there is noise if you are sitting in a place where you playing this game would not be happy fun time for your boss or teacher mute it. (I’m looking out for you buddy)

My favorite is “Your face interfered with Sid’s elbow! two minutes!”

 Not the most brilliant game but frankly it got a laugh out of me just cause of the whining  of the Wings fans when they’re ahead (Everyone does it I know and they do have some things to complain about but take it like a man guys) and the fact its a little true. I mean NHL does play favorites duh. I applaud the person willing to sit there and be creative enough to make a game.

Detroit fans rejoice. Pens fans? Well if you have a good sense humor then even you had to enjoy it a little.


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