Adorable Swedes

We love everyone everywhere here but come on isn’t there just somethin’ bout them Swedes? Are they just extra adorable? I think its scientifically proven. Slap your wooden shoes on! We’re talking about Swedes.

 Look at this adorableness! It’s Nicki! The little kid brother of everyone on the team! I have no idea whats going on in this video because I do not speak Swedish but I think hes saying something about being nervous ( if you know whats going on please tell me)  But look at him! How old is he? Maybe 19? (I’m not good at guessing)


Well hello, Viktor Hedman Mr. second overall pick this year.  He’s the younger brother of our (and by our I’m once again referring to the Caps as if I actually have anything to do with them) defensive prospect. It looks as if he may be coming to our division for the lightening (poor man)

Can we mention Swedes with out mentioning Henrik Lundqvist? I thought not. He teaches us about Swedish fashion:


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