I should not be enjoying Game 5 so much. I hate both teams, though my hate is stronger toward the Penguins, and I find the finals extremely, extremely boring. I haven’t been looking forward to the games during the finals, and not just because I’m not a fan of either team. Usually, I can watch any hockey game, and be entertained, but there is something about this series…

Yet tonight, I’ve found myself barely able to take my eyes away from my television screen. Hell, I didn’t even mind the stupid NBC announcers. The Penguins were CRUSHED by Detroit tonight. 5-0 has never been so sweet. I love watching Pittsburgh fail epically almost as much I love to watch my Caps succeed epically. I honestly should not have enjoyed the game as much as I did.

And where did my precious Geni go tonight? Did he join Mike Green, Eric Staal, and Sidney Crosby in Usuckistan? That would be sad. He, Greenie, and Staal had better tie Crosberry to a tree, and find away out of there ASAP. I need my Greenie next season, and Staal when he’s not playing the Caps, and Geni so he makes Crosby look bad. XD.

Bring on Game 6! Let’s hope for another defeat like last year!

– Anna


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