Let me shame the state of Virginia/Maryland/ and the district of Columbia for a second. I had to head up north this weekend and I had to go on the Pa turnpike to get there and every couple miles it seemed within thirty miles (I may be exaggerating) of Pittsburgh there were electronic signs they usually have to say Caution: Road Work Ahead saying instead Go Penguins! You’re on the the road to the Stanely cup. After my fifth rasberry and shouting LOSERS out the window I felt really bad why? No not because that sort of ridiculous of me cause its shows such support for their team and I have never seen anything like that around here. Even last year when everyone and their grandmother whose never watched a hockey game in their lives were all yeah I love the Caps. I mean they had stuff around the Verizon center and individuals had stuff up but like the actual area had nothing that nice. So I was sad (then the pens lost 5-0 the next night and on the way home and I saw the signs I laughed and said losers! with more venom)

Oh and some other things I saw that didn’t make me sad but kinda laughed were: 

1. A semi-truck and people had written on dirty doors in the back and usually I think that majorly stupid but on this one some one had written Go Penguins! and someone else had scratched that out and written GO WINGS! and the trucks company was based in Pittsburgh.

2. A car was in front of me in the lane over and I’m looking at it and there like this hole in the paint job where somethings had like eaten the paint or peeled it off and the shape looks majorly familar and I’m staring at it like what is that shape and then I start laughing  because I realize its the Pens logo and there must of been like a sticker or something on their car and they tore it off and the paint came with it. So lesson learned you can never quiet being a Pens fan or the paint will peel off your car in the shape of the logo and SHAME you.

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