• ESPN and Rock the Red. net have reported that its between the Caps and the Flyers for the Winter Classic against Boston this year. I’m beyond excited. Why? Seeing the Caps playing in the old hometown and hopefully beating the Bruins would make me very happy indeed.
  • Hershey Bears are one game away from winning the Calder
  • Stingrays won the Kelly cup
  • All this makes me feel very happy for the future of our team
  • Speaking of the future have I mentioned how afraid I am the Caps are gonna self destruct this summer? Mhhhhmmm I’m panicking already. I mean I know I’m getting my information from the Post and they are known for poor fact checking skills but still.
  • So game 5 I missed it but I was being kept updated and it sounded amazing!
  • That video of Nicki and Papa Nicki on the website is ADORABLE.
  • Speaking of Nicki were are your viking skills? I just found out about that whole water scooter thing last summer. Don’t you do that again you hear me?

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