I Just Want It All to End!

Let just end it. I’m so sick of this series. I don’t know why but I just want it to be over with. I’m sick of both teams. My temporary rooting for Wings is starting to annoy me. I don’t like them that much I just hate the Pen’s more. I’m sick of the Pens. Malkin, and Pen’s not Eric (oh snap) Staal, and Crosballs, and Flower ‘Chicken legs’ Power go take a vacation. May I recommend lovely Playoff Vacation land? The Wings went there last night. But no one told Chris ‘baby face’ Osgood and he was very confusedly actually playing like there’s a cup on the line. Silly goalie cups are for teams who are actually trying…

I’m sick of smack talking with my pens fan friends and then them winning. It doesn’t work for me. I’m sick of seeing a million shots of Crosball’s creepy playoff “beard” flashing across my screen.  My throat is sore from going “Ewwww” in knee jerk reaction. Malkin losing his temper so much that when I started to lose my temper someone said “Don’t be a Malkin Meghan” That is my little emo kids ‘thing’ knock it off Geni! I see you.  I see what your doing. Okay well I don’t know what your doing but stop taking my angry little Russians job.

One thing I’m not getting sick of is taking the mickey out of Anna cause yesterday she made the mistake of saying “You know sometimes I feel kinda bad for Crosby.” And I agreed but then she keep going on to which I went “Anna and Crosby sitting in a tree K-I-S-S-I-N-G…”  Do you hear that Crosby? Anna loves you. Plus I think you two crazy kids could make it if it weren’t for that whole Anna hearts the Caps thing. Well you guys are birthday buddies so its fate!

Let this just be over soon. I’m tired. I need like a two week break from hockey and then we’re smashingly ready for the new season.


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