Oh You Hockey Boys You…

In case you hadn’t noticed I’m a girl (no matter what that drunk women at the family gathering was implicating) and as a hockey lovin’ girl I like my hockey guys. Boredom being the mother of invention (necessity my butt) here are few of  my (or anna’s) favorite hockey guys whether it be  by cute-ness, skills, or adorable-ness. (There is in fact a difference between adorable and cute trust me) Its in no particular order and its defiantly not all of them.

Of course inbetween the two of us pretty much all of the caps (there are a few exceptions) are on the list but heres a few in particular.

backstrom20 by semin's neighbor.  Nicki Backstrom- He’s beyond adorable. And by adorable I mean not necessarily good looking (the blond hair, blue eye thing isn’t my taste) but has skill and personality that just can’t be ignored. Is it his boyish man/child attitude? Was it his stumbling English in the ladies man video “He is a very good man… for woman” or the fact I imagine him in the bunny pyjamas from A Christmas Story? Or the fact he does not appear to own a comb? I want to take him to the zoo to see the pandas and buy him a aballoon.

 Semyon Varlamov – Oh Cookie Monster you’re just so amazing. You have the boyish charm, the incredible feats of epic goal tending, the general awesome-ness. The fact you seem very intense. I think Bruce just powers you down after games and sticks you in a dark room where all you think about is hockey and watch tapes of games. Maybe its the fact you remind me of a puppy sometimes.

 Brooks Laich and David Steckel – I’m only grouping them together cause I love that picture I just want to say the piggy back ride your doing it wrong. Yup Brooks Laich is designated all the creepy middle-aged women (like my mom) caps fans crush and it totally adorable with the fact he loves his team mates more than I’ve seen anyone love anything. There’s his first cribs video with Mike Green then his second on with his way too large house are equally cute. Then there’s David Steckel who looks like a not gay boy band member and has a lot of unnoticed skill. He’s married though so sorry ladies.

Evgeni Malkin  Evgeni Malkin- So I know Le GaspI’m such a trader but I resist at first and come on! He’s so cute and he has the same birthday as mine. And my Dad’s impression of him his HI-larious his accent is terrible and its rather mean (no matter how many time I tell my dad no I really like Geni and my dads like Ba Humbug) He also never gets as much credit as he should I think. So if you ever get out of Pittsburgh Geni-O’s give us at the Caps a call. (yeah like we can afford him with damn Theo and Nyls fricking up the cap)

 Partick Sharp-  Yeah *sigh*, one of the few western conferences favorites of ours. (well Anna and I both like Toews and Kaners but in different ways) Besides the crazy skill he has and the fact he’s like the Boyd Gordon (double sigh I know I know he’s married) of the western conference.

 The Staal Brothers- This is more Anna then me. I mean I don’t even know their names besides Eric (that’s right Pen’s Staal in your face) and their chin/jaw bone structure freaks me out. When I’m mad at one of them I spell their name StaLL to annoy people. They do have mad skills and Cabbie is their older brother so they are too cool.

 Henrick Lundqvist- I’ve yet to meet a girl yet who doesn’t think Lundy is cute. Even my friend who creeps on only guys over forty was like “Whoa.” And, he is a beast goalie. I wish he wasn’t on a team that sucked so bad. (sorry rangers fans no offense I just don’t see any skill there)

P.S. Happy 35th birthday Caps! I’d bake you a cake but you don’t deserve one until you win a cup.



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2 responses to “Oh You Hockey Boys You…

  1. bobby


  2. Katie

    dude you claim to only know one of the Staal brothers and thats Eric (By the way its Jordan, Marc, and Jared). You said that Eric is a Pen player and hes not thats Jordan. Jordan has the really blonde hair and is the one wearing brown in the picture. Eric Staal is on the Carolina Hurricanes, which I would know cause I live in North Carolina, Marc is on the New York Rangers, Jordan is on the Penn Penguins, and their younger brother Jared is in minor league hockey. Sorry if this annoy’s you just thought I’d put that out there. BTW i think the staal brothers are hot

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