Game 7

So tonight’s game 7. It should be starting tonight at 8, but we all know NBC decides to talk for a million-kajillion hours about stuff no one cares about, so the game REALLY won’t start until 8:30ish, maybe a little before. Ugh, I friggin’ hate games on NBC. The annoucers couldn’t be more obnoxious, and I hate Pierre McGuire with every fiber of my being. I miss my MAMTs so badly. Hell, I just miss the Capitals.

Anyway, tonight’s game could go either way, because as much as I hate to admit this, the Pens are essentially a good team…at times. But I think the Wings have more talent (except for my little Geni), even though I cannot stand them. I’m just hoping for a good start to my summer, which began today, which means I can kinda-sorta-almost-maybe call myself a senior now! But that has absolutely nothing to do with hockey…. SOOOOOO

Let’s keep our fingers crossed that the Wings come out victorious for another year, and Ovie&gang have a chance of getting the Cup before stupid Crosby&gang ( sorry Geni :[ ). I’m sure I’ll update this post during and/or after the game in (hopefully) good spirits.

– Anna

EDIT: FML. This is ridiculous. Way to ruin my summer, Detroit. I’m pissed off now, and it’s going to build up overnight. People better watch out tomorrow. But congrats to Geni. Maybe next week I’ll be actually excited for you…


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