So I realized today just how much I have invested emotionally in to a series up to this point I hadn’t given a care about. The mere thought of Sidney and the Pens holding up the cup truimphantly wants to make me violently ill. Violently. Ill. I couldn’t tell you exactly why. I don’t even hate them THAT much. But the pure mental image makes my stomach churn. Then I realized that means Crosby would have a Cup before Ovie and I knew all those smug little Crosby lovin’ way too much fans out there would just be too pleased. And, I would be VIOLENTILY ILL. VIOLENTILY ILL. I don’t even want the Wing’s too win I just don’t want Crosby and the pens (no matter how much Geni is AMAZING)to have the Cup I don’t care if God has to make a TWO asteriods fall down in a near by empty fields and the radioactive-ness means everyone in the cities of Detriot and Pittsburgh has to be evacuated. It must be done. And, I believe due to some obscure NHL rule they can’t play a decisive game 7 in another city. (I may be confused on that) But, I’m sure Bettman would come in and save his babies but what ever. Just no NO NO NO! No cup for you Pittsburgh. It’s not allowed until Ovie has one. I’m petty and cruel but whatever. If they do you’ll find me tommorow morning laying a pool of my own crushed dreams muttering WHY? WHY MERCIFUL GOD WHY? Not even Papa H’s Malkin impression could cheer me up. (It’s that serious)

Also that video of Alzner and his dad is very cute. I’m very much looking forward to more son/dad type videos over the summer. Though I have to say when Alzner said his dads name was gunter I pictured a shot, roundish, lederhosen wearing, big moustache wearing type of guy and he was well not that though he did have a big moustache.

I also really like the Ovie 2k10 cover its very well Ovie.

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