First Day of off Season.

This could not come at a better time. I’m flipping through the channels and I catch the tail end of it and I tell Anna who finds it on youtube. If you don’t know what Eastern is its one of the biggest car dealerships on the southern east coast. They are famous for their commericals with every big football athlete of the washington area sluring out the jingle that gets stuck in your head for weeks (over six hundred cars,trucks,and suvs are you listenin’ man?). I usually despise them. Then Ovie got on them. I nearly spat out my orange juice the morning I saw the first one of him in the locker room with a football helmet on (but run and the skates is the same…) If you have not seen the I think three different ones:
him in the locker room talking about how he can play american football,

the (arguably best one) jingle singing one,

or the destruction on the set one

You have not ever been truly happy. So when I saw this one I got much more excited than I usually would:

One: the animation is EPIC like look how he’s holding the stick.
Two: I know that voice any where my dog associates it with me screaming at the TV its JOE B!
Three: I love the speed racer homage at the end for a man who not only russian but born in the eighties and probably does not know who speed racer.

I give it a rating of epic

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