Second day of offseason… Its gonna be a long summer

  • I know, I know I told Detriot to go franchisely die yesterday but Henrik Zetterberg is my new favorite swede even if his swedish viking beard freaks me out ( and besides Nicki of course he’s always my favorite Swede).

            I know that a look a-like but that is too funny. “I think you have a man crush or something funny”

I love the look he gives that guy at the end “I think I am doings okay.”




  • So I love the 2k10 sports cover of Ovie but today I saw the EA sports one and it has Kane on it who I think is awesome but the cover. Not very exciting its like the upper half of his body faced tilted towards you like he’s skating forward and there all this focus point on the mouth guard hanging out of his mouth because of the compostion and its got this scratched ice texture. I got to say if I was going to buy one or the other and i didn’t have a bias towards Ovie and I just saw the two I’d pick up Ovie still. Plus what about the EA curse? I don’t want Kaner to be messed up.
  • So I got the cutest mental image this weekend via the Wasington Post (have I mentioned how much I dislike them?) of Jose Theodore in pink plaid shorts with matching pink polo shirt and Brent Johnson in old school plus fours. Why? Brent, Jose and some one else (name escapes me one of the coaches I think) went golfing and Brent is talking about how hes a hundred percent and that he wants to stay. Frankly why? Brent you are a great goalie and to be brutally truthfull the Caps have mishandled your situation seriously badly since your mentor the great Ollie Kolzig (I miss you) left. I would leave for a team that would appreciate you more.
  • Still no word on Fedorov or Nylander (please say that ones true) going to the KHL (which is quickly becoming an object of my hatred) I don’t like hearing no news. July 1st is coming up fast. I still remember where I was last year when I started getting calls from people about the trades. “jose? who? oh he was MVP one year so he must be good” full of crap…
    • Speaking of trades: Well I guess this is goodbye Kozlov. I remember when you were good. Not so much this year. I think we’ll all still miss you. Maybe you’ll be like Zubrus who still have fans who harp on the day he will make his glorious return to D.C. (I feel bad for that whole ‘I’m going to the Sabres I think we have a chance of winning’ thing poor guy.)

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