I’m Excited for: & Plus some babbling…

The one thing I most excited for next season isn’t the fact that it’s new season or how this year hopefully gave us the experience to do better in the playoffs the thing I look forward to is the new pictures on Scarlet Caps. The best website ever invented on those days when you just need a laugh. A shameless explotion of the fact the Caps are sitting on a gold mine of hot young men as so to reel in us hapless females.

I don’t know if any other teams have a female friendly website but they all should. Once I got past the insult that they assume we need a page explaining the rules of hockey to us I saw the pictures. The pictures are the best thing you will ever see hands down. They all trying to be seductive and moody and all they end up looking like is morons (lovely morons but none the less).

All I can think of is blue steel every time I see Jose looking over the collar of his fancy leather jacket close up and I feel bad for poor Boyd cause they took the pictures while his eye was still all messed up. Nicki is as usual a victim of Swedish Hair Syndrome (SHS). I swear to you country of Sweden one day I shall come and teach you of hair spray and combs and conditioners and then you shall be the most perfect country (sorry Russia).
I’m rather torn between the slightly creepy Pothier unzipping his hoodie one or Brent’s thoughtful one as my worst favorite.

Then some of the guys didn’t get that into it. As usual Green just has his one angry eyebrow and poor Varly just has his adorablely goofy smile photo from the regular website. Gosh I would have loved to be a fly on the wall of that photo shot. I can’t imagine what those guys were acting like. In fact who was slick enough to talk them in to this? They are my hero and I want them to be my laywer because they obviously can talk a polar bear into buying ice as it were.

Also I’d like to issue an offical apology to Greeners. I have offically made the pox I wished upon you and any of your future descendents unwished. I didn’t know you were not only injured (I had guessed that even though it wasn’t confirmed until after) but that you were also sick with some ‘illness’ as via the Washington Post. Which brings up what were you sick with? You wouldn’t say and you just said you had ‘flu-like’ symptoms. Oh come on Green any kid whose ever gone to school knows thats the first thing you say when you just played hookie but you teacher wants to know what you had when you were absent. “I swear Mrs. M I had like a 24 hour stomach-y flu-y thing” Suuuure. What was it really? Swine flu? Picked it up in playoff vacation land, eh? You drank the water didn’t you? First rule of vacations to YouSuckistan always drink bottled water. No seriously what did you have? I know you hockey teams are all about undisclosed injuries and illnesses but in case you hadn’t noticed hockey season is over you can tell us. This lets crazy people like me who heart theories of all sorts come up with theories on what you had and/or still have. (I LOVE theories)

Dear NHL.com,
While I think this poker tourney with the players is mucho importanta for the league and its great PR and such your press release needs to be CLEARER. You said it will be on tv for four hours and that its being played on Wednsday. What you did not specific is will it be shown live on Wednsdays or will it be filmed, edited, and shown at a later date. I’d rather not spend my Wednsday checking ESPN, EPSN 2, or Versus (just in case) every half hour to make sure its not on because the magic TV Guide as usual has no information on the goings on in the NHL universe.

Dear Twitterverse,
While we are all more than excited that the Bears won the Calder. (WHOOOO!) If I see one more tweet about how its the tenth time we have even days after its happened (you know who you are). I will poke myself in the eye. I get it. We rock.

Dear Well I guess to Comcast and/or the Caps,
When are we gonna find out who won the Rock the Red guitar? The contest ended a while ago and I just got a text the other day that I didn’t win the signed jersey so I assume you guys did the drawing about the same time or should have. I got so excited that when someone called me just after I got that text and I thought it was for the guitar I was kinda rude in disapointment. I WANT that guitar. I already know where I’d put it. (right next to my Nicki signed mini jersey) I sent so many texts I thought I was gonna get shafted on my bill (thank goodness I wasn’t). Come one I wanna know, I wanna know!

Also bye to Neuvirth who heads back to the Czech Republic today. Congrats on winning Calder MVP you definatly deserved it.

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