Mid Week Babble

1. A big congrats to Laing for extending his contract to next season. I hope we get to see you spleen untorn (that sounds so painful) in October in the Phone booth.
2. I WOULD make a joke about the 2k10 having the fire stick dance as part of the game but everyone and their mother has made a joke so in the call of good taste I’ll keep them to myself.
3. As courtsey of the Las Vegas Sun website we are able to see gems of what happened the other evening when Ryan Kesler and Ovie did a session for 2k10. Alex Ovechkin suited up for a motion capture session as courtsey the Las Vegas Sun I think we should make unitards part of hockey everyday fashion don’t you?
4. I feel like On Frozen Blog was having a bit of a boring day when they felt the need to randomly give us exerpts from a artcle on Lidstorm (He’s not a Capital sillies) and his um… special injury. (Thank’s guys cause I REALLY wanted to know that Blegh)
5. So Sergei I have no idea how to feel about you presenting at the award ceremony. Should I be mad? Happy? I just don’t know!
6.I missed Ovie on ESPN2’s First Take anyone know if it’ll be online soon?
7. Okay so RocktheRed.net you like everyone else is talking about the Stanely Cup and Mario Lemiuex’s pool. Am I supposed to be upset or something? Isn’t that the sort of thing you do with the cup? Ridiculous stuff. People like eat spagetti out of the thing a dip in the pool shouldn’t kill it. I mean I can’t imagine what Ovie’s gonna do when he gets his hands on it. I imagine it will be scandolous. Am I missng an angle to this story?
8. Why were on the thread of the Stanely Cup champs; Okay so you all know I am the last person to come up on a white horse to defend Crosby but if I have to hear one more blog, article, or sports caster talk about the hand shake thing I may poke myself in the eye. Yeah it was immature, rude, wrong and unclassy. Yeah it made a player who already has a reputation for being a giant egotistical d- bag look like well a giant egotistical d-bag but can I remind you that these players are only kids? (I know I’m younger and I’m calling them kids shut up) So the kid got a little excited and hopped off to celebrate with out finishing the line. Like I said poor choice. Yeah Lidstrom and Zetterburg have every reason to be annoyed. But let it go now. Breath people. So he made himself look like a complete jackanape you don’t have to remind us who don’t like him (who are the only people who are listening cause you know the crosby lovers aren’t) why we don’t like him. We know why already: he’s a moron. Got you covered.

P.S. Mucho Gracias to Ovechkin Zone for linking First Take and then tweeting about it. http://www.ovechkinzone.com/ovechkinZone.com/Home.html


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