Morning Before the Awards

Today is gonna be a good day I told myself when I rolled out of bed this morning and I really think its going to be heres my hits and highlights for the Caps/NHL today:
1. Nyls you are offically the person I hate most on the team (did you hear that cheer just then? Jose rejoicing because its not him anymore.) Get lost.
2. Puckdaddy blog on Yahoo! I shame you. You had a little video (I don’t from where or whom) of the leagues top 5 hottest (and we’re not talking stats here boys) goalies. MA Fleury was the #1 pick? WHAT? And, Lundy didn’t even make the list at ALL? Hell, even Jose whose you know crappiness usually masks the fact he’s good looking should have been on the list before MAF.
3. has a round 2 for their voting on worst Scarlet Caps photo and Brent’s is on there which excites me. And they pointed out something that disturbs me. They were all wearing the same leather jacket. 2 for 1 at Bruno Cipriani?
4. Alex you’re looking REALLY tired in that ESPN interview yesterday. Take a nap buddy. I worry for you. If you fall asleep next to Mike at the ceremonies tonight you might catch his ‘flu’. (I’m rather determined it was more exciting)
5. I really like the cheesiness of Mike Vogal and Brent Leonhardts’ Vegas Baby Vegas video on the Cap’s website. It’s very cute/dorky.


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