After the Award Show

Good morning… Kind of.
1. Before we talk awards lets talk the clothes. Frankly last year I hated Ovie’s whole suit/slicked back hair combo. This year with the foxy gray suit and not slicked back hair very classy and gentlemenly looking.
2.Green… While I’m not sorry I was mad at you all is now forgotten. Whether it was you or somebody else who suggested the bow tie it was the CUTEST thing I had seen all day even all week. And, I am very upset with the lack of photo’s of you in it on the internet because I could find only the one. ( best dressed gallery btw)
Now for my angry rant for the day:
3. HOW DID MIKE NOT DESERVE THE NORRIS? The voting was done PRE playoff crap run and stint in playoff vacation land. Does record setting seasons (most goals by a defence men in a single season) mean nothing? But instead of my ranting from emotion I decided to actually look up that stats between the winner Chara and our Greener and here’s what its says:

The things Green lead in by a LOT were: Goals, Points, Assist and Power Play Goals (sounds like the real important stuff huh?)

Things Chara lead by a LOT were: Games Played (Good but doesn’t that make what Green did more impressive?) and Penalty Minutes (good thing?)

Things with smaller margins:
Green lead in +/- by only one point (24 to Chara’s 23)
Green lead in short hand goals by 1 to Charas none
Green lead in game winning goals 4 to Chara’s 3
Green lead 12.8 in PCT to Chara’s 8.8

I don’t know I guess I just don’t understand how Green can lead in pretty much everything and doesn’t get it. And I didn’t even look at Lidstrom.

5. I knew Ovie would win all his awards so no complaints here.
6. Malkin ohhhh Malkin Malkin Malkin… I just can’t like you the way I did anymore. You’re still cute and all but I’d probably boo you if I saw you in the street. Or on tv like last night. (I saw a little glimmer of pride in Papa h’s eye when I did that he just hates you so much)
7. I really like Datsyuk I’ve decided but not cause he’s good looking (his head well it looks like a up side triangle) but cause he’s kinda adorable. I didn’t have an adorable Russian up until now but now I do. And Ovie make fun of your english was very cute.
8. Tim Thomas… Let poor Manny speak! Jeez you were blah-dy Blah-ing on and he was just kinda hovering. Do I sense a bit of tension when you made that joke “Hey should I thank your wife for you?” lol… maybe.
9. We get very random guest for the award show. I mean good guests but not people I think of hockey when I think of them. Micheal Buble? Nope hockey is not my first thought.
10. Sloan and Collin’s extended their contracts. Great I like Sloan and I hope to see him up in the big leagues a lot more.

Update: Rock the Red. net You rock my socks! Thank you for the mike green bowtie picture and your current obsession with it. (bowtiegate? What about Yanigate?)

Mike Green in his adorable bowtie

So cute! So fashionable! #4 Best dressed (as via but #1 Best Dressed in my heart (Ovie was #3 BTB #2 in my heart)


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