1. Welcome to the family Bob Woods former coach of the Calder champion Bears! I’m very excited to see you as our assistant coach. It gives me warm fuzzies thinking of how much potential butt we can kick if you are as good as another former coach of a Calder cup winning Bears our head coach Gabby. You two could be the dream team like Batman and Robin. (but with out the creepiness of a grown man having a teenage sidekick)

2. Please indulge me for a second this is gonna make your head spin. So I’m sitting in the living room Sunday and my sister is watching that new Jonas show on Disney channel and I’m mentally wandering about; thinking about how good the movie I just finished was (Gran Torino), how I should have picked up caramel sauce at the store, when something distracted me, a noise that usually send me scrambling for my noise cancelling head phones: the Jonas brothers singing. And I look at the screen and it hits me. Now this parts gonna make you shake your head and go “Oh meghan!” but there are a lot of similarties between the Jonas brothers and the Staal brothers. WAIT WAIT don’t hit the back button on your web broswer quite yet. And, no they don’t both have legions of teenage fan girls (at least I don’t think the Staals do) But theres four Staals four Jonas. Three are in the big deals (the band, the NHL) and they both kinda have a fourth younger brother who floats around. Then there Pen’s Staal and Eric who are kinda the more famous of the three main Staals and always grouped together sort of like how those Nick and Joe characters are while the third brother is like there but not really as loved (Ranger’s Staal, Kevin). I’m just saying lots of similarties. Maybe it’s just me and you have to be able to follow my thought process but well the facts are there: the Staals are the Jo Bros of the NHL.

3. If your living in the Comcast sportsnet area that shows Cap’s games then this week is Replay week and every night at seven they will be showing great/record breaking games from this past season. Tonight (monday) is I think the game agianst the rangers where we came back from one of the biggest deficit in Cap’s history to win it. I’m only gonna watch tonights and tommorows because the rest are playoff games and I just can’t yet. And I’m watching it because there is nothing on TV anymore and two I miss my MAMTS (“They’re so close the could be KISSING!”) Oh me and my MAMTS.

Umm, I think that’s it. Pretty slow hockey news weekend besides Montreal being sold so that’s about it. I’ll add more if anything else pops up over the day. Oh wait is anything from the Much Music awards up yet? I want to see how Ovie did.

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