Well Lookie Here!

Have I mentioned how much we like Nicklas Backstrom on here? I know I have and I was very exited when I got up this morning and stumbled upon the European cover of EA sports:
Nicklas Backstrom on the cover of Euro's EA sports NHL 10

NICKI! (Well it looks like Ovie and his best buddy are as usual going hand in hand.) I have to say I like Nicki’s cover more than Kanes EA cover and not just because it’s Nicki. Still not digging the noise and scratched ice texture very much BUT no silly mouth guard.

On another note Ovie apparently got turned away at the door of some fashion show in Vegas a lot of other NHL players were going to also. Why you may ask: Sandals. When Ovie when will you learn that MANdals are never appropriate?

AND happy birthday Brooksie! 26 today! Gosh you kids are growing up so fast! (I know I’m younger be quiet) Well have a happy birthday designated team creepy middle aged women, like my mom, crush!

ALSO, (I just keep adding stuff as the day goes along huh?) I finally found Ovie at the MMVA and as I KNEW there would shenanigans:

Oh Ovie… I really don’t like you clothing line fix that please!

AND, once agian I’m adding one more thing to my creepy list: There is now Capitals maternity shirts but thats not the creepy thing its the brands name: Soft As a Grape. Ewww I don’t think a clothing brand of any style of clothing should remind me of how squishy baby skulls are. Blegh!

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