To Dream the (Now) Impossible Dream

No winter classic for Cap’s fans! NBC decided that the Flyers would bring in better rating (ummm… Hi my name is Alex Ovechkin… People kinda love me) and they have fans almost as ‘equally passionate’ as Bruin’s fan (Uh… Hi I’m a Cap’s fan… Have we meet?… We like to unleash the fury) I was really looking forward to finding a new reason to take in a game up at Fenway (I haven’t been in forever it kills me) So this up coming season I’m going to have NBC cook outs: Any day the caps are scheduled to play on NBC I will get a radio, take it out back, BLARE IT, and cook out on the grill and neighborhood cap’s (or burger fan) are welcome to join me. (I grill a mean steak)

Draft days is Friday and I’m not really into the whole draft thing outside of looking to see who we get. The one thing I will say though is we are in DIRE need of a defencemen, which unfortunatly due to the pick we have I think there only like one defencemen available. OR a center but not quite as badly. We lost Kozlov and we may lost Fed’s but Laich who plays wing said that he’d really love to play center (it’s his orginal posistion) and anyway we have a plethera of wingers so a new center would be nice. But defence, defence, defence.

July 1st coming up fast. Fingernails are beginning to be bitten. At least this year I’ll know when its the first. Last year I was on vacation and completely lost my head for dates and still thought it was the thirtieth until people began calling me. And its was like everyone I knew, even people who don’t like hockey, even my mom. She was not enthuised “So have you heard about these new players or whatever… Oh you have? Yeah its all your father is talking about this morning.” Oh mom!
She is so sick of hockey.

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