This is a Metaphor so Don’t Freak

I got the news this morning. My favorite hockey player since I was nine has offically (well not entirely the caps have yet to comment but KHL says yes) left us. To go to the KHL for a two year 3.8 million dollars per year contract. So you’re kinda dead to me. Cause I’m not following the KHL and not because I don’t follow foreign leagues because I follow the United Kingdom Elite league and the Bundesleige because I offically kind of think of you as dead. I’ll think about all the awesome things you’ve done but it won’t even cross my mind that you’re still around doing new stuff other places. I think about how you used to be my favorite player (HEY Semin good news you just got bumped up a spot!) before you ‘died’ and how your my favorite ‘dead’ hockey player. Yeah, and thanks this has kind of ruined the song Back in the USSR by the Beetles.

So rest in peace our russian friend we had lots of good times.

AND I’m still confused on how he defected here and he can go back. Like I understand he defected when they were the Soviet Union but I didn’t think countries in general liked it when you defect no matter when it was. Especially when you have skill and they wanted you on your team there. Oh whatever just don’t get shot or tasered or anything okay buddy because if you really died I’d be REALLY upset.

ALSO in this sort of news Brash expects to hit the open market which sets my teeth on edge. No offense but an old bruiser starting to kind of lose the edge isn’t exactly on everyones shopping list. And, I like you Brash and I don’t want to see you get rejected. Well if the Cap’s won’t take you then I hope a nice team does.

SO, I hope this doesn’t start a dominoe effect of DOOM like I thought it might earlier. I also hope the young Russian who just lost both their mentors will be okay. Come on guys your big boys now you can handle it!


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