Draft Day!

Well after a long Thursday of being told yes he is gone, to wait maybe not quite, and so on thanks to Tarik El-Bashir and the ‘I couldn’t fact check to save me life’ Washington Post left me very emotionally tired and I finally tore my self away from the computer last night and went to sleep to wake up and find that it is indeed a done deal the old man told them by get this text message last night. Text message? Who knew the old man even knew how to use a phone… grrr. Bitter.

All this emotional roller coastering left me in the serious need for a laugh and NHLol came in handy. I am also excited because I finally ordered my Semin shirt and on of those shirts with the 8 in the superman diamond. I don’t know which I’m gonna wear first.

Draft tonight! So excited as its an excuse to make food, sit in front of the tv, and drool, as I very very much like Victor Hedman, which is something usually that only happens in winter months. I’m excited to see whose gonna be first pick cause its really anyones game and I’m excited to see what new blood were getting.

Comcast sportsnet has the randomest stuff on late night. I had it on but I wasn’t in the room any longer and I walk back in and there’s Ovie saying something in his accent that especially that late at night I just can’t understand (something about his top five goals) and then they start a montage of his top five goals. I don’t know what show it was a part of or what but that was random for it being the end of June.

I am also encouraging the Cap’s website to come out with some sort of video for me to watch cause I miss our boys.

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