The Swedish Invasion

We have a new swede on the team. Marcus Johansson. I couldn’t find much info on him but he’s Euro fabulous if the draft outfit was any indicator. Though from the sounds of it he has two more years on the team he plays for now so we might have to wait.

So not much wheeling and dealing. Some trade up and downs and Pronger was traded but the Cap’s didn’t appear to do anything. Victor Hedman defence and eye candy is going to the Lightening and I look forward to playing him next season.

Well I have to face it now: We really are stuck with Jose. I was hoping hoping we’d find a way to get rid of him but alas it comes to nothing. Which means I suppose that I should finally welcome him to the Capital’s as I have refused to do so until now. I guess I should get to know him now. I did the standard wikipedia check of course but I never watched the videos or looked on any of the other websites either. First because of lack of internet access, then laziness, then hatred.

So Hello Jose Theodore allow me to introduce myself. I’m Meghan I co-run a blog about the Capitals

Hi I’m Jose I’m the goalie for the Cap’s.

I could keep that going but I know any conversation I would have with Jose would go into a long talk about how he really is an okay goalie when he gets his head out of his butt, and how constantly needing your ego propped up is not an attractive quality, and how I really think he needs to stop being so jumpy in the crease and would end with me giving him PR advice; pick up a brazillian accent, people like the ethnic diversity and chicks dig it.


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