Dear Anaheim Ducks,

Haha you guys are funny! You talk to us Friday about trading us Pronger and you’re sixteenth draft pick for get this: One of our prospect goaltenders (apparently you weren’t picky on whether it was Varly or Neuvirth), Carlson (snubbing Alzner I see), a roster player (I bet it was someone good too I’ve heard hints that it may have been Laich) and an unspecified “something else”. Now unless Varly or Neuvirth falls on their heads and lose all hand eye coordination they’re ours bitches! And, Laich would cry if he got traded and then I’d have to beat some people up cause no one makes Brooksie cry!

-love Meghan

P.S. Tell you’re GM to get his head checked. (not that he didn’t rip Philly a new one)

Dear Nicki,

I know me and Anna have been a little bit of traitoress sniffing around this new Swede but we love ya and no one not even Squeak could take your place. So watch the Imagination Movers in peace.

Dear People,

CHILL! The draft was not the last stop texaco when it comes to trades there is still that whole free agent thing. We will get our selves all in a row like good little ducklings. We tend to.

P.S. Yeah we all hate Nyls but stop hating on GMGM for it. At the TIME (Hanlon, no Nicki) we actually kind of needed him.

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