Gold Standard

Can I just click my heels in joy for a second and point out how many times the babble faces (commentators) used Mike Green as the standard to which be compared as a offensive defense men?

Something I noticed (besides Tarik El-ba-lame contradicting himself on the height of Dmi?) we drafted almost everyone under 6 foot. The only person on the Cap’s under six foot off the top of my head is Jose.

Speaking of Jose we have a mini me! Our last pick Benjamin Casavant looks a good bit like you. Compare Now if he’s good I can like him with out hating myself! Brownie points to you Mr. Casavant. I mean besides the fact you already have three nickname: Benjy, Mini Jose, and (depending) Casanova I can be happy with the fact you don’t speak very good english you and Dmi make up for the fact that our first pick Jojo speaks english too well. You’re fiesty too from the looks of it here . I can even forgive you for liking Pen’s Staal as your favorite player (kind of).

Now that Jojo is a dark haired swede and Nicki the blondie if we could get a red head I could so call them the Ikea set! The viking trio. My swedish fish pack.

Anna already effused over how adorable Squeak (Eakin) is. I won’t beat an adorably but dead horse. (I hate that saying its disgusting sounding don’t beat horses in general please) Though I know 21 was you dad’s number but that’s Brooksie’s number I’m sorry. But you like techno so I think you’re going to fit in.

And a big hello to Mr. Wey. American (this can be forgiven), Defense men (YEAH!), From Pittsburg? Did the Cap’s not get the memo? That is Satan’s city (trademark Anna)! We don’t want their (completely hot) kind on our team. Okay maybe I’m being a touch overly dramatic. One of my good friends is from Pittsburg. And it’s not Pittsburgs fault I hate the Pen’s… but still EW!

Overall this was a fantastic draft year for the Cap’s and ladies Cap’s fans every where (I can’t wait for the scarlet cap’s photos the year they join the NHL)

Can I mention how much Iove GMGM? Not just cause he looks like Ben from My Family or that he’s all twitchy in that adorable way but because he’s good. Really good at what he does constantly too. I mean the Bears are a factory (No pun intended: chocolate factory…) and the just announce the pick get out of there no lengthy rambly french/english introductions. What the draft should be. Though we looked a little sad with only him and that other guy up there.


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