Post 2009 Entry Draft…

Goddamn, Round 1 took forever. Honestly, more General Managers should follow in the footsteps of the Capitals’ dear, GMGM. Thirty seconds are all you need. Get in, get out. Seriously. Besides his speedy delivery, I’m quite proud of GMGM. He knew what the team needed, and got the best he could. Three defensemen, two centers, a rightwinger, and a left winger. And we added another Swede and another Russky to potentially join the ranks of the great Washington Capitals.

The draft picks I’m most excited to see mature? Cody Eakin, Marcus Johansson, Dmitri Orlov, and Patrick Wey. I think they could add a lot to Hershey and Washington in a few years or so.  Meghan and I already have nicknames worked out for Johansson (Jojo) and Orlov (Dmi), but we’ll have to figure some out for the other four draft picks. Also, it has been decided that Eakin is a mini-Brooks Laich. Not only do they have the same number, they have the same reddish hair and leadership attitude, too. Watch out Brooksy and Nicky, you have competition out for my heart.

Also, the amazing Feds has left us. *sigh* I have had a few days to adjust to the news, and a few weeks to get used to the idea, but I am not liking it. The Capitals are losing two seasoned players who added a lot to the great team. I’m hoping this move won’t throw off the entire team chemistry cuz that’d just be bad. We’ll just have to wait and see what happens in the next few months.

I’m really missing hockey season right now.

– Anna


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