Lord Help the Mister…

1. Reading about the Sedin twins this morning launched me into my awesome rendition of “Sisters” and ended with my dog howling along in a way I did not find all that complimentary. I had no idea the Sedin twins were so close! And, now that it looks like the ‘Nucks don’t want them any longer what are they gonna do? I would hate for it to end in “And lord help the sister that comes between me and my man.”

2. I had NO idea there were assorted Swedish Fish candies until I went to this store this afternoon to pick up some chocolate covered pretezels (another crazy story) when I saw them. I WAS AMAZED. I LOVE Swedish Fish and this only makes my analogy about how I could call the three Swedes, especially if we got a fourth Swede, the Swedish Fish pack. Here’s what I mean:

Nicki is like the Red Swedish Fish: Original and my favorite always awesome.

Jojo is like the Green Swedish Fish: Interesting and new but I’m not entirely sure if I like it yet.

Gustafsson is like the Yellow Swedish Fish: No he doesn’t taste a little like crayons, he’s there and cool and a safe lemon-y classic, but I forget about him sometimes.

And this is why we need a fourth, preferably red headed, Swede so I can compare him to the orange Swedish fish. But maybe not I don’t like orange very much.

3. After Free Agent day I think the hockey news is gonna slow down a lot. I don’t know what I’m gonna do. I don’t want be like what I think Brooks Laich does during the summer: Sit in his house in Canada (speaking of which why did you buy such a big house here if you’re not in it during summer?) and draw pictures of the guys with I miss you! written on them because One that would be very creepy for me to do and Two it’s a little sad.

3. Free agents day. At this point I only think the two guys who could leave are Brent and Brash. I want Brent to stay but I don’t know if it’s a good idea. We have goalies coming out of the woodwork. And, I really like you Brent you tried so hard when you sucked to become good and you did! I kind of think of you as that yokel Hersey boy who we got to see blossom into a lovely goalie, the jumpy little brother to your much cooler older brother Ollie who then took up his own cool vibe. And, I think another team could appreciate you more. Brash I honestly don’t think another team wants you so best of wishes what ever your desicion is though cause I like you too you kick ass. And even if its just those two it won’t stop me from watching both the 12 and 9 coverage of free agent day on Versus. And, if either leaves I’ll go into a long reminisence on here about all the great moments we’ve had.


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