Christmas in July

I hate that stupid Rudolph fourth of July movie… any way what I’m saying is that tommorow (July 1st) is like Christmas; you don’t what your gonna be getting but you know somethings gonna happen. Are you gonna get the proverbal Wii? Or the deadly tube sock/underwear gift set? I don’t expect to see much movement with in the Cap’s orginization unless its gonna open up some cap space or it’s a player we need.

Dear Hockey Santa,
Don’t you dare get us another goalie. It’s like when both your great aunts forget what age you are and get your sixteen year old self the same Barbie toy. Suckish. Another forward? We don’t really need one but we’ll take if you got one. Kind of like candy canes. You like them a lot but you’ve gotten enough of ’em by the actual day you don’t really need anymore but if you get them your not upset and eat them anyway. Really there’s only one thing on my wishlist: DEFENCE. That is the Fender guitar under the christmas tree gift we need. The scream and make a fool of yourself on home video like those kids on that commerical for the Cap’s with the Ovechkin jersey. (Does anyone else remember that commercial?) We’ve been good all year and that’s all we really want.

Dear Capitals,
You know if by some magical mystical chance we manage to trade Jose I wouldn’t complain. Shop him around okay? I mean I think I’d miss him a little. His egotisitcal antics were good for a laugh, his hair loss gives me the snickers when ever I think of it, everyone loves to hate a villian but I wouldn’t mind it at ALL. Especially if that clears up cap space we HAVE to sign Nicki AND Semin next year there is no either/or there is no one or the other THEY BOTH HAVE TO STAY. Anna and I both will cry, I swear to the Hockey Gods, if either leave. And I DO NOT cry. EVER. That is how upset I’d be. Especially if its well either really. I can not imagine a post Nicki or Semin Washington. UNIMAGINABLE. You have to do what ever it takes. WHAT EVER IT TAKES. Capesh? I mean if Jose or Nyls has to have a little “accident” you arrange it you hear me? Leonis? Benninati? They sound like they might know some people. If you get what I mean. Juice might even have some connections back in Boston. You following me? I mean it doesn’t have to be physical but you know maybe it should be “suggested” they get lost. If you get what I mean…

Ps. Nicki leaving would ruin another song for me. Straight Outta Stockholm by Mc Lars. I can’t listen to Back in the USSR right now cause of He Who Must Not Be Named I really liked that song. Don’t ruin this one for me too.


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