High Noon: Waiting Time.

While waiting I even came up with a new nickname: the Siamese Sedin twins. So I decided also why waiting that you out there must be waiting too! So I’m gonna give you some great kill times: (Hockey related of course for those of use jonsing) (ps. for Nicki fans there will be a truely awesome photo at the end I had never seen until yesterday but its awesome)

So Anna sent me an email yesterday chock full of hockey related nonesense and here is something she found I find very very random. Here is music video for some english singing Russian pop star but a familiar face pops up follow her very excited all CAPS lock instructions.


Hey what the hell? (ps you looked cute in that why don’t you dress/haircut it up like that ALL the time?)

It’s come to my attention, due to Anna’s insane picture finding skills, that people like to make fun of My little emo kid. Leave him be okay? Well actually don’t cause its sooo funny but just stay nice about.

Some of you may be quick to point out in Crosby defence that there is a picture with Ovie wearing Crocs. My retort not in “I’m a seven year old girl who likes butterflys” yellow. Come on “man”! People call you Cindy. People make fun of you for being a cry baby buy a man coloured shoe.

Due to my grandpa and fathers insane golfing obsession I know enough about golf to know that swing is soooo completely wrong. Oh Semin must you do everything in a way that looks angry/ridiculous? My consant defending of it only works with your help.

Also Alex Ovechkin. Learn to wear shoes. The right shoe with the right outfit. You seem to find it diffucult to do. Learn please. Ask some one on the team. Brooks laich seem to know what he’s doing. He’s fairly fashionable. Ask Green even if he wears a lot of, excuse me darling but it must be said, terrible hats.

That’s just cute.

Well… Okay then Burish.

And the photo I mentioned before the photo we’ve all been waiting for:

ADORABLE! Look at your helmet! You probably don’t know what it is cause you’re from Sweden. And your outfit. Teach Ovie how to dress gosh darn.


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  1. I just thought I’d point out (in case you hadn’t already noticed) that Nicki’s wearing an American Eagle sweater. And you thought it wasn’t possible to love him any more than you already did.

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