UFA Day Mere Concidence?

WELCOME! Knuble! Wow I think you get funniest name on the team vote already. And I came up with a nickname: Knoodling Knuble… then I looked up exactly what knoodling was… sorry Knuble I like it too much even if it implies somethings… sorry I mean if I hadn’t given Jose “Old Man” you could have it so you know look forward to that if he leaves.

I sat and listened to the four hours of the Capitals Report (and come on guys that last hour was weak) and then finally we found out we got Knuble. The name was familiar and I knew he was from the Flyers and good but something was wrong… there was a disturbance in the force… some where in the depths of my mind little bells were going off… and then I remembered. Game four… OT… Huet… Knuble… Devestation… Knuble was the one that scored the winner in the heartbreaking game. Well I’m glad to have him because as someone put it “Good cause he was Cap’s Killer” and if you don’t know what that is heres the definition:

Cap’s Killer
1. Is a player who does things really well against us all the time. Used mostly in the lingo of Papa H.
Ex. “I hate Malkin! He was a Cap’s Killer last year.”

And Brash, sweet sweet angry, Brash you have gone to the Rags. The rags. Ugh. Okay Okay I get it. It was a pertinant move. You got two years and a RAISE. I bow to you/your agents negotiation skill. But Brash and Avery on the same team… ohhhhh god. Oh sweet loving Hockey Gods what were you thinking?

Brash we will have many good memories, remember when you scored all those goal in that game were we buried Boston and then in the next game agianst them you got in a fight only like twelve second in?, so please don’t let the Ranger’s spoil the fact that you are decent enforcer not like *cough cough* Avery.

Dear Hawks,

As you might know I think of you as the Cap’s of the WC and if I have to choose a favorite team out of the WC I choose you. And I have no HAD you as the favorite to win the WC this coming season. Then you signed Bad JuJu AKA Hossa. Not that I have anything against Hossa, he’s cool, and it’s not his fault he’s cursed. But, well TWELVE YEARS? TWELVE YEARS?! We only have Ovie for effing thirteen. What are Toews and Kaner gonna do next year with that cap space eaten up? What were you thinking? I know what you were thinking: “Let’s act like the Cap’s and do STUPID STUPID things to normally good ideas”


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