Looking the Wrong Direction:

Here I was all worried that the Cap’s were gonna self implode this summer and I now know I was looking in the wrong direction but for the right thing. The Hawks you guys got in to some bad juju with poor Hossa and now you guys might have sent your qualifying offers after the deadline? Whatever fine, I’m not a Hawk’s fan, Anna is more than me so I’m sure she reacting as one should. All I have to say? Good job.

Where in the World is Brent Johnson? My new TV show it’s like Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego but instead of a fashionable fedora wearing one women crime syndicate its a goal tender.

And color me interested. A Capital’s convention? When where? The website won’t tell me until next week. Well I guess that’s tommorow though I’m guessing the info is being realised in the middle of the week. I want to go if someone goods gonna be there. If it’s like Clark or something I’m not bothered to be honest especially if it costs cash money money.

I now have both my Semin and Ovie shirt. Now all that’s left to do is find out which is the lucky game day one but that’s what preseason is for right? Figuring out what you lucky game day schedule is right?

I’ve been thinking I should make a sign if I get to go to any games this year. What should it say? I was informed Alex loves Sasha In a Not Gay Way is unappropriate. Darn. I would ask my friends but I know what the some who watch hockey would say. The Pen’s fan would say something along the lines of Ovechkin Sucks Which is a lie so no. And my female Cap’s friend would suggest Mike Green will You Be Mine? as she has an extremely unhealthy obsession with our Mo’Hawked defencemen. Well I’m sure Anna and I will be able to come up with something.


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