Have you seen this man?

Where are You Brent?

His name his Brent Johnson but he sometimes comes to Johnny. He likes to wear red or white but if he’s disoriented he may revert to black and gold. His been MIA since wednsday. He drives some sort of sports car… I confess I’ve never actually watched that video… if you come back I promise to not refer to you as a yokel. Especially since I’ve never been particularly sure what that is.

Oh my… So I just went on the website to look up were your from exactly (Ohio?) and I see your not on the roster anymore. You’re in the headshot section though (Oh Michigan). Jose is listed as our first with Varly as a back up. And seeing as its been recently updated to omit Brashear and have Knuble on there it’s not out of date or anything. So what does that mean? WHERE ARE YOU? Do we need to call the coast guard? Did you go hiking and get lost? Did you get kidnapped (I’ve got my eye on you Jose)? No really what’s up?

We just want to hear some news… Hell a rumor your talking with someone, anyone where are you? You’ve fallen completely off the face of the earth which is quite the feat in this technological day and age but really if you were in some sort of talks with some team wether it be the Cap’s or not (I don’t care at this point) someone in the grapevine would have gotten it around surely? I don’t know what’s up with you and I doubt I’ll find out until monday seeing as its a holiday weekend but its gonna bother me.

P.S. I looked up exactly what Yokel means (I was thinking the right meaning) and I’m sorry but you’re from Michigan and seeing as most of my family is from Ohio I know that you do in fact qualify as a yokel. Its sticking.


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