Hockey Siberia…

Sometimes, it really sucks to be the only hockey fan in my family. No one likes, watches, or understands hockey in my family. The most exposure my family has had to hockey was when I begged from them to take me to see Miracle years ago. At home, I’m continually teased for being a hockey fan, and am often scolded for talking about the sport 24/7. It’s a banned topic in my house most of the time.

Yesterday, my family’s lack-off hockey knowledge became glaringly clear.

I was at my grandparent’s house in West Virginia, taking advantage of their DirecTV, and watching the Sharks vs. Ducks Game 5 of this year’s playoffs on the NHL Network. At one point during the game, which I was watching with my mother, father, and sister, my mom began freaking out about Evgeni Nabokov’s mask.  Apparently, it’s “scary”. She also wanted to know why none of the other players had graphics on their helmets.

I had to not only explain the difference between a helmet and a goalie mask, but also explain the different graphics goalies have on their masks, where I talked mostly about Olie, Varly, and Theo. Eventually, I was told to shut up, and was banned from watching the channel for the rest of the night.

That also wasn’t the first time this has happened. Most of the time, my parents could care less about hockey, but then will show interest and begin questioning me at the most inconvenient times. Yeah, no talking during games.

Now since hockey season is over, not only am I isolated from watching games, but I’m also isolated from talking about the sport! I’m going insane! I’m totally getting cabin-fever. Poor Sasha, this must’ve been what it was like growing up in Siberia XD

Expect more rants to come.

– Anna

POSTSCRIPT: What in the world is going on with Johnny?


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