Dear JCPenney’s,

You have become my new best friend. Thank-you for having an Ovie t-shirt on sale for $15!  You have bought my heart forever.

– Anna

The other day, I was searching for a birthday present for my father in JCPenney’s with my sister. The day before, while sitting in a line at Six Flag’s for five hours for a concert, my friend, the Pens fan, told me about the Ovie jersey she had found at JCPenney’s with her dad, the REAL and BIGGER Pens fan. The next day, I set out to find this jersey, where I also found Ovie t-shirts. Since I am saving money for a Nicky or a Stecks jersey, I decided on the t-shirt, originally priced at $22, the same price on the Caps’ website. Except it was on sale, and in a store… SO NO SHIPPING AND HANDLING. Yum.

Yeah, JCPenney’s has bought my heart.

– Anna

POSTSCRIPT: It has been a very long, boring day.


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