Did some cleaning on the blog; Anna smartened up the nickname section and I went through and tried to fix all my typos in old posts because they are there and they bother me. Ps. the H at the end of Pittsburgh is stupid and unnecessary why do you need it? Plenty of -Burg ended cities get along fine with it. That H like your captian is overrated.

The dealings of RFA make my head spin. I don’t like trying to figure out the system but I have too. Juicy has filed for arbitration which if your like me means they have to go to a hearing and they each set a price they want for the salary. Juice and/or his agent has to argue his point on why he should get his, I’m obviously presuming larger, salary while the Cap’s reps get to rip him a new one in arguement on their lesser salary. After hearing all this the third party gets to decide what the salary is. If even then the Cap’s refuse then Juice can go free agent.

Players aren’t the only ones who can call arbitration teams can but they can only do it to each player once in their career with the team. Whew see why I don’t like it? Too complicated. Meanwhile the other RFAs that did not file can accept the qualifying offer or work some sort of deal. Juice was the only one on our team.

A continuing segment: Where in the World is Brent Johson?

Where Are You Brent Johnson?
MmmHmmm thats right I took the stupid time to play on photoshop…

Little other news in the hockey world but let me touch on Havlat for a second. Seeing as I follow him on Twitter (@hockeychronicle if your wondering) I was on there first hand when Marty began to have a little bit of a rant on twitter. “Whoa!” I though because up to then Marty had been a complete sweetheart he reminded me of Laich all chi-town team spirit and free love (or whatever Brooksies always on about)
(paraphrasing now) He promised that the real story would be told, that he would be glad to go to the Wild because they would appreciate him more and that there was something to be said for honor and loyalty. Speak it Marty. But, he made sure to say he had no hard feelings against Hossa. I don’t know why you felt the need to spew this across the internet at eleven or so at night (one too many yay! minnesota cocktails perhaps) but it ended off coming like a small child’s hissy fit. And, you better hope there is a darn good story to be told because people are gonna bother you for it and if its lame you will be labeled a complete brat. As Anna said yeah for team spirit and all but at the end of the day hockey is a business.
This shall go down as the funniest scandalous-est part of UFA day.


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2 responses to “Sparkle

  1. hitormiss89

    I’ve been wondering the same thing about Johnny. The last I heard was GMGM and his agent were continuing negotiations or something. We need an update on what’s going on because all the other UFA’s have been spoken for except Johnny.

    • thehockeychronicles

      Speak it. If I were a vindictive person I would start a KHL rumor just to get back at them for leaving us in the dark for so long. Then I’d start a rumor about the prodigal return of Ollie. lol -Meghan

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