Caps in Song

Summertime means very little hockey news. What we do receive, is very little, most of the time, so Meghan and I do not have that much material to post… Though, that doesn’t stop us from ranting, or raving, about anything that has the slightest to do with hockey, and those lovely Capitals. Thus, here’s a posting of songs I’m sure we’ve all heard that memorialize mine (and hopefully yours) favourite hockey team…

Everyone knows this song; everyone loves this song. At least, Meghan and I both do. It’s on my iPod, and it is like our own little memory for the fact that the video is of the game Meghan took me to almost two years ago XD

GoRemy – Washington Capitals: the Hockey Song

Now, this one, I’m not the biggest fan of it. It’s boring, but Darkest Hour is a good band…

Darkest Hour – Let’s Go Caps

This song is a little weird, since it’s too that annoying Vanilla Ice song, and since the guy made one for every team in the playoffs this year, he obviously has no life, but it is a song about the Caps, no less…

Gifted Losers – Ice, Ice Hockey: Washington Capitals

Now, my favourite song, like ever. I laugh every single time I hear it…

Pummeler – Ovechkin

I really need to get a job, so I can get a life of some sort. Until then, if you know another song about the Capitals, let me know!

– Anna


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