New Nickname Alert

That’s right thanks to fabulous Russia I get to call Ovie Mr. Ambassador from now forth. And I will use this privlage to its full extent. And before I go on to talk about the 2014 olympics allow me to bring attention to a continuing segment and quest to find:

Brent Johnson
That’s right still no word. I even gots so fustrated today as to @ the Japers Rink blog on Twitter to see if our fellow Caps blogger knew anything. Nada, squat, zero, he told me exactly what we knew already. So the quest continues.

Now back to what I was talking about above. The 2014 olympics in Russia are a hot topic. I think its very uncool of the league to allow the players to go to Vancouver (in Canada please note) but perhaps not allow them to go to Sochi. And its all about the money. The games won’t be on during prime time, the marketing for the Olympics has never benefited the NHL, WHINE WHINE BLAH FRICKEN BLAH. Gosh darn it Bettman let them go or don’t let them go to Vancouver if the Russians who are BEYOND excited to play world stage hockey in their home country, in front of friends and family and their fellow country men, their big wig politicians are going to be denied that pleasure then you sure as hell shouldn’t let them or the Canadians play in Vancouver either its just as impractical. The league will still not get the push; as we’ve seen the past three Olympics. And, you still have to shut down for them, and if they are during prime time no one in the United States is gonna watch anyway just cause its the Olympics, sadly my fellow Americans don’t want to watch hockey and the Vancouver Olympics isn’t going to change that. So if your not letting the players go to Sochi don’t go to Vancouver or any Olympics after these two. And if the Russians or any others want to boycott Vancouver or go during Sochi anyway I better not see any repercussions, you money grubbing rats

So whats up in Phoenix? What’s going over there. I still don’t see why we couldn’t sell them to the man who wanted to have them. I know he had some bad dealings with the NHL in the past and he looks a little like a slimey business man, but so does Bettman, and I get why moving a franchise is such a big deal and heres why:

My family is from Cleveland and if your not an American football fan much like I’m not (they start and stop and start and stop I fall asleep between snaps) then you wouldn’t know that back in the day the beloved (?) Cleveland Browns were stolen and brought to Baltimore. So since I’ve been able to speak I’ve known that I am to NEVER EVER EVER be a Ravens fan. EVER. Much like some parents have “as long as I’m alive/your living under my roof your not getting a tattoo” rules my parents had it but for the Ravens. I could get a tattoo if I like, permitting it isn’t the Baltimore Ravens logo. Even though my parents are completely disheartened by the fact that they suck and aren’t uber fans anymore I am still to never ever ever be a Balitmore Ravens fan and when they play the Ravens my house stops for a day.

So I KNOW its a big deal to move a sports francise. They only difference is NO ONE IN PHOENIX FLIPPIN’ THE DESERT ARIZONA CARES! I’m sorry its true The Score asked people in Phoenix on the street and the one person who not only knew they even had a hockey team slash was a fan didn’t even no they were even in trouble and then proceded to cry. If you didn’t even know then you shouldn’t be a fan enough to cry. Sorry. This is one francise that will not rise like said phoenix and fly agian.

And, as I sit here and proof read this post I realize its a little angry. I partially blame the disappearance of Brent Johnson and hockey withdrawal.


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