Scolding the President.

Dear Mr. President,
I know you have never been to Cap’s game as a matter of fact (Ted did invite you) but that’s okay but there is another Russian on the Cap’s and his name is my little emo kid and I fully expect you to mention him next time you make a speech to a graduating class at a university in Moscow in which you mention great Russians on the Caps.

See Mr. President?
PS. Come to a game isn’t it bad enough you live on PENNSYLVANIA avenue?

I realized today that in a funny turn of events I’ve been refering to a certain former cap who went to the KHL whose not Kozlov as He Who Must Not Be Named cause I don’t want to say his name. Well this is the funny part; that name is a nod at the popular Harry Potter franchise well my father being the renaissance man he is can’t pronounce Varlamov’s name ever,since the beginning, either way, and says the name that he thinks is close enough which is Voldermort which is its own nod at Harry Potter (I doubt he realizes where its from). I just found it amusing.

AND THE CONTIUNING SEGMENT; Where in the universe is Brent Johnson?

And big shame on Anna! You had the Good Old Hockey Game song parody and never gave it to me? Shame her everyone. If you see her on the street snicker and point. (I’m just kidding by the way I lost all my Mc Lars and YT Cracker compliations… opps)

Well here’s a video to pass you summer time its all good but you can skip to the 6:48 mark if you just want something quick and funny.


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