One fish, Two fish, Green fish, Blue fish

Cap’s development camp has been announced. Jojo won’t be there what’s that about? I’m guessing Swedish contract conflict but he’s gonna play in a exhibition game against the Red wings so it’s all good.

And we are STILL wondering; Where in the world is Brent Johnson? There are twenty free agents left on the market all equally quiet as far as I’ve heard but then again I don’t follow a lot of not Washington news feed so I’m a bit blinded to other teams but I haven’t heard anything about Brent at all.

People are being positively brutal lately;

Any body calls the South East division the South least division again… Just keep hating seeing as two south east teams made it to the second round and the Cane’s despite all odds soaked the Bruins and the Cap’s have some of the best players in the league who consistently shatter record and lead in goals/points and one name; Mr. Ambassador. So PHFFFFFFFFT.

The capitals logo is NOT the sixth worst logo in ALL of major sports franchises.
One we Cap’s fans do not think of the actual Washington capitals text logo as the main logo we think of the eagle as it despite what the franchise might say.
Two its a perfectly normal logo not ugly.
Three have you seen some of the logos out there? Look at the freakin’ Wizards logo or the fact that the Browns don’t even have a logo? How bout the Redskins? Or the Flyers? I want some industrialized wheel wing-y thing on my shirt.
Four The Pen’s penguin (does he have a name?) on the logo is completely disproportional! Any penguin with shoulders that big and legs that tiny and shaped like a triangle would fall over like a demented weeble….
Lastly the magazine (not one I’ve even heard of by the way) said our newer old eagle was better really? I liked the old gold/black color scheme but the eagle was ugly.
The ‘Canes topped this list apparently… HAHA…


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