Anywhere, Anytime

I amaze myself sometimes. It seems as though I can talk about hockey anywhere, anytime.

For example, I am attending a writing program currently, where I am forced to spend four hours a day for two weeks writing some ridiculous prompts (I usually just write what I want). On the first day, we went around the room and introduced ourselves with a ‘fun fact’. Mine, of course, was that I am obsessed with the Capitals more than anyone should be. Then, my group leader Chad, who despite this experience is a pretty epic guy, said “Good, they need all the support they can get”. This launched a raucous debate between of the two of us, which was unfortunately cut short.

Then today, after an information meeting at George Mason University (the university of my dreams) was talking to the (ridiculously cute) man who was in charge of the study abroad program. I was wearing my Ovechkin shirt, and he suddenly states, “I’m from Detroit, so I don’t appreciate your shirt” before laughing. We then decided we were on the same side since we both shared a hatred for those stupid Pittsburgh Penguins. He and I talked for awhile about the Stanley Cup Finals before we actually spoke about studying abroad.

Mhm. It’s nice to talk hockey with people beside Meghan.

– Anna

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